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Acorn Superglide Ride Quality

The luxurious and ultra smooth quality of the Acorn Superglide ride is attributed to our unique rail profile and chassis roller system that works in conjunction with the DC power and extremely strong case-hardened steel rack and pinion drive systems.

  • Typically other systems only have four to six rollers and a box section rail, making the rail mechanical looking and the ride rough.
  • The exclusive Acorn Superglide Stairlift has eight very sturdy rollers giving the surface contact area at least four times greater coverage than our competitor’s products. Our system and commitment to quality will be felt in every ride.
  • Features such as our double tube extruded aluminum rail profile gives the smoothest possible ride while also handling the weight over a larger surface with eight wheels rather than four, insuring that you are absolutely safe and secure at all times. At Acorn nothing is more important than your safety.

Rack and Pinion Track

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